Norbert and Carol Hoffmann's Peace Corps Journal


Motivational Statement

I have spent the past seven years working as a psychologist with individuals and families in a non-profit agency and in a clinic setting. While this profession has proven to be very challenging and rewarding, I have discovered that my previous job as a teacher offered me much more satisfaction and enjoyment. In addition, I now see many ways my training and experience as a psychologist could enhance what I have to offer in the classroom, in particular, a deepened awareness of individual needs and learning styles.

With this in mind, I would like to return to the teaching field as soon as possible. An assignment with the Peace Corps as an EFL teacher would assist me with reaching this professional goal by allowing me the opportunity to integrate on a practical level my skills from teaching with those from counseling. Additionally, this would serve my interest in teaching ESL upon my return to the States. I would be able to share with students here the valuable lessons learned during my Peace Corps assignment and bring to the classroom a global perspective and added sensitivity to cross-cultural concerns.

On a more personal note, I value the clarity such work would offer me in terms of my priorities and life goals. I appreciate the chance to be able to make a positive contribution to the world community through the Peace Corps and, last not least, to enjoy the excitement and adventure to again travel and live abroad.

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