From: Patrick Thompson <thompson@ACNSUN60.PBN.BNL.GOV>
Subject: Re: [HT-L] Where is anyone or Playing with fire, just crazy or what..
Date: Monday, April 19, 1999 12:38 PM

Norbert wrote:

Hi, thanks to everybody who gave me feedback on this. It made me feel better to get so many positive responses because I really want to do this. Somehow I was afraid to get a lot of "yes, but...", "what if you have a heart attack and you are in a village in Poland two hours away from a hospital" etc. etc.

what if you have a heart attack and you are in Indiana in an ice storm and it takes the ambulance 2 hours to get there ?" - Nobody gets out of this alive ;-) . Whoever gets the most out of their life wins - not whoever lives the longest.


On the positive side, I never had a heart attack and my E.F. is rather high (65% or so). I don't smoke and watch what I am eating. If family history means anything, my father lived to age 90 with angina, smoked a pack a day since he was 15, and died of other unrelated causes.

An EF of 65%!! does anyone else in HT-L want to split that with me? You've got enough heart efficency for 2-3 people - quit hogging it all ;=)



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